Electronic Data Evidence

Computer Forensics, E-Discovery Consulting and Expert Witness Services


Services we provide

★ Cost-effective e-discovery strategies

★ Hard drive imaging, on site or remotely

★ Culling of human-generated files from drive images

★ Extraction of individual emails from PST files

★ Indexing files on hard drives and assigning them unique “hash” IDs

★ Developing probabilistic e-discovery protocols in manageable stages

★ Devising effective, targeted search terms and strategies

★ Using state-of-the art technologies and best-practices protocols

★ Preparation of best-practices Electronic Discovery Plans per Rule 26(f)

★ Drafting Interrogatories and Requests for Production of ESI

★ Drafting deposition questions for IT personnel and e-discovery experts

★ Serving as Special Master in e-discovery disputes


EDE is owned and operated by lawyer and technologist Larry Johnson.

Since the mid-1990s, when he decided to shift from trying lawsuits to a career focused on the use of computers in litigation and computer forensics, he has long been an advocate of cost-effective e-discovery.

He is a prolific writer and frequent speaker at CLEs throughout the country on the subject of computer forensics and e-discovery.